Illness. Redundancy. Death.

COVID-19 has dealt the community another blow, 
causing deaths and devastating those who are left 
behind, facing huge financial hardship and illness..



Young Families. Elderly. Vulnerable. Disabled. Sick.

57% increase in requests for support due to the 
COVID19 crisis.






Give Someone A Meal Their Hunger Is Real

The emergency crisis fund is capped to assists a maximum of 65 families at any one time

Fruit & Veg


Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Oil etc






General Household Supplies




100 Families x £90 pw for 6 months


Together we will get through this

In response to the inundating calls for support, we have expanded our weekly food distributions to 115 families per week, prioritising those with school aged children.


Parcels contain healthy and nutritious food staples as well as household essentials. When providing parcels to families, consideration is given to those with allergies, diabetic and gluten free requirements.

We are stronger together