High Holy Days

“Who shall live, and who shall die . . . who shall be impoverished, and who shall be enriched; who shall fall and who shall rise.” (Prayer of the venerable Rabbi Amnon of Mainz)

  • High Holy Days!
  • A time for Divine mercy and forgiveness.
  • A time for prayer.
  • A time for charity.
  • A time for increased love for a fellow Jew.

Through your help, we arrange food packages, medical help and clothing for our brethren who are struggling.  Now is the time to reach out to others and help us bring them the reassurance and confidence to be able to start off their year on a positive note. They can repay their debts, and get back on their feet.

You can ensure their apple dipped in honey tastes as sweet as yours.



High Holy Days Budget for Food Parcels for 650 Families






Fruit & Veg


Eggs, Oil


Grape Juice






Administrative & Overhead Costs