At Passover we look back, but shouldn’t we also look around?

  • Whilst we go without bread, others go hungry.
  • Whilst we recline, some have no place to lay their heads.
  • And while we remember our bitter past, too many still struggle.
  • How can we turn hardship into hope?
  • This Passover, WE CAN!

Passover is about celebrating our victory from slavery to freedom. Yet there are some who are still suffering and feel no freedom.

They are drowning in debt, poverty or illness! To them, Passover just means extra hardships due to all the added expenses.

We at Food Lifeline are here to give them the freedom they deserve by helping them out with clothing, bills and food parcels.

In order to help as many families as possible we keep the contents of our packages down to the essentials; vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish, grape juice and poultry. We bring light into their hardship.


Through your support, we can turn hardship into hope.



Passover Budget for Food Parcels for 650 Families





Fruit & Veg


Eggs, Oil


Grape Juice






Administrative & Overhead Costs                  £20,000.00