Weekly Food Parcels

The Basics – eggs, fish, vegetables, chicken, oil, flour and fruit are amongst some of the items needed in homes whose providers struggle to make ends meet.

An extra repair expense. An emergency crisis that rips the smooth running of the home apart. Sudden reduced income from the main provider. These immense difficulties can test a family to breaking point.

All it takes is a phone call to our office and relief is on its way:  Volunteers dispatched, food purchased and delivered to the doors of needy families.

We act as the bridge and lifeline for the duration of time that families need support to get back on track whilst they sort themselves out financially and often emotionally.

Don’t let them drown in their despair. Let’s show them we DO care!

Sympathise. Care. Make a Difference.



Weekly Budget for Food Parcels for 1 Family

(average of 6 persons) 



Fruit & Veg


Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Oil






General Household Supplies


Total for 1 family


Total of 48 Weeks per family


Total of 48 weeks for 40 families £268,800.00

Crisis Budget

Crisis Budget

Our Crisis Budget is £313,165.00

Relief of poverty  £148,306
Youth activity £19,920
Families undergoing stress £55,862
House repairs and utilities £25,628
Endowments to poor brides £54,472
Assistance with healthcare £2,050
Clothing and shoes  £6,927